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Natal Battlefields

Natal Battlefieds & Midlands

4Day/3 Night Visit

On this Battlefields tour, you will be transported back in time to experience these great Battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal.

Many battles for control over land and people have taken place over the years. These Wars in KwaZulu-Natal took place between the British, Boers and Zulus, just North of Durban.

On this tour of the Battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal, we visit three major battle sights which are of huge interest namely Isandlwana, Rorkes Drift and Blood River.

We also visit the King Shaka memorial site, Fort Eshowe, Shakaland, Odini, Emakhosini, Piet Retief’s grave and Fugitives Drift.

This makes the tour a comprehensive tour of the Anglo-Zulu battlefields as well as Blood River an Anglo-Boer battle which wets the taste buds for your next trip to Zululand!


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