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Our safaris are all fully guided and personalized. Each itinerary may be tailored to your  specific requirements. Our safari planners have travelled Africa extensively and can create exciting, well-paced safari itineraries for you and be sure to let us know about your interests and we will endeavour to include them in your itinerary. For our itineraries, we have scouted out centrally-located, quality accommodations, entertainment, as well as activities that capture the local flavour. We will make sure that you enjoy all the must-see attractions, plus, if and when available, we will find that once-in-a-lifetime experience that really makes for the most unforgettable vacation.

Our safaris are all private, which means that we do not mix any groups, i.e. no outsiders on your safari, regardless of the number of people in your group. Your safari group will have their own experienced guide, who will accompany you during the entire time that you are on Safari with Embrace. You’ll really get to know your guide, as you enjoy the fascinating  scenery, culture, wildlife and history surrounding you!

Furthermore, since we offer private and personalized safaris, your itinerary can be very  flexible, and can be changed mid-safari. Please bear in mind though, that additional costs may be incurred with last minute itinerary changes.

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