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The traditional African safari has been redefined ~ no more the heat, sweat and dust of an untamed wilderness! You can now succumb to the ultimate temptation of a spa without feeling guilty! Surround yourself with the majesty of Mother Nature as you relax in the soothing tranquillity and serenity of the Itiša spa, situated in the heart of the Bushveld.

For a completely unique experience, enjoy a relaxing massage in the bush and breathe in the fresh bush air, while awakening all your senses and revitalizing your mind, body and soul.  This is the ideal retreat for guests wanting to escape their busy lives and experience a way of living often neglected. Let the Aromatherapy and reflexology treatments invigorate and revitalize you, while the Indian Head Massage and Hot Stone Therapy offer amazing stress relief and rejuvenation.

For a tranquil and peaceful experience in an oasis of nature and wilderness, the Itiša Spa is the perfect option.


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