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Whilst everyone involved in sustainable responsibility projects and eco-safari destinations knows that such undertaking take time and resources, Mafigeni’s commitments include:

Carbon Footprint:

Part of our Carbon Footprint program includes reclaiming land that has been subjected to overgrazing, soil erosion and invader plant species.  Voluntourists help eradicate invader plant species manually.  Your contribution will increase grazing capacity in the reserve, as well as preserve the topsoil.

Areas that are bare due to soil erosion or invader plants are packed with invader species that have been cut down, such as sickle bush.  This enables grass seeds to get caught up and establish a good root system, before game is able to access the area.  The packed branches rot after a season or two and game can fully access the now recovered areas.

The main branches of the sickle bush are packed and sold for firewood and the funds generated from the sales is used to fund the project.

We welcome young and old who are interested in giving back to join our volunteer program.