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Wedding Services:

A wedding in the wild is most definitely unlike any other wedding and presents a world of opportunities limited only by ones imagination.

With this in mind each wedding becomes a carefully planned and coordinated event, with each wedding testing new levels of creativity. 

Given the personal nature of a wedding, each event is tailor made to suit the bridal couples' wishes.  Having said this, Mafigeni typically uses many of the standard safari experiences as a point of departure and to define the normal rate inclusions.


The magnificent surroundings at the Mafigeni Safari Lodge and on the Reserve make for the most exquisite photos.

Mafigeni offers many unique photography sites for you to create a memorable experience which combines comfort with the excitement of the African bush.

Lawns, Bush, Water, Rocks, Game viewing vehicle, Mountains and Horses - all this and more for fantastic photo backgrounds.

  • The lush garden with water feature and dramatic rock formations is ideal to capture those unforgettable moments.
  • Special photos with hand reared wildlife for that safari feel.
  • Horse drawn carriage for a Cinderella wedding
  • Interaction with beautiful horses for the ultimate romantic photos.
  • A variety of fun photo props for use to accentuate your wedding memories, such as old suitcases, Lace parasols, antique camera, old bicycle and more.

Photo Props:

Adding props can add an exciting burst of color to an otherwise ordinary shoot.  Whether colourful balloons or a bright kite, props can help your photos really ‘pop’!

Mafigeni can assist with a variety of photo props to create fun memories.  Please discuss your ideas with our co-ordinator for a quote. If you wish to make use of your own props, please bear in mind that you will be held responsible for any damages they may cause to our property.

Props can be something fun like balloons or a vintage suitcase, or something important to you like your dog or even your iphones! Before you brush off the idea of props as silly, consider the benefits of bringing something along to your photo shoot.

Fun props also serve as an icebreaker. Often the first few shots are a little awkward, and having something in your hands can help put you at ease. Consider a vintage bicycle on a bush track or a Mafigeni Miniature Pony to make you laugh!

Adding a parasol to a vintage shoot sets the mood as much as laptops and slippers on the couch set a cozy mood.

Of course, you’ll want to talk to your photographer about any ideas you have and how they can be incorporated into shots.  At Mafigeni, we love new ideas and fun props to bring spice into all your shots—whether photo or video!


A wedding in the wild is probably unlike any other wedding anywhere else and presents a world of opportunities limited only by ones imagination.

Real people. Real moments. Real Beauty.  At Mafigeni, we have a passion for capturing the mood, feeling, expression and inner personality of the wedding.  We take pride in the connection we establish with our clients. Our ability to interact with brides, grooms, their friends and family help us to create unique and powerfull video material.

Our amazing video journalistic style and talent are evident in every picture we make. The resulting videos will portray the excitement and emotion of your wedding day and evoke memories that will last a lifetime. Our success is reflected by our love for videography and ability to build relationships with our clients.

We really do understand the special challenges of working outside the studio to display your special day accurately.

Wedding Co-ordinator:

Experience a genuine South African brand of unpretentious hospitality, with staff that will make your wedding day an unforgettable experience.

Mafigeni staff understand how precious this day is to you and how everything, from the setting to the service, must be as you want it to be.  The staff will go out of their way to ensure that your wedding runs smoothly and to your expectations. The services of the wedding co-ordinating team are available to you throughout the planning stages of your function culminating on your actual wedding day.

All details will be carefully planned from the ceremony, flowers, decoration, guest accommodation, wedding banquet to the reception.

Our wedding co-ordinating team will also be happy to set up appointments for you to meet with the individual suppliers and obtain relevant quotes for: flowers, hairdresser and beauty treatments, photographer and videographer, wedding cakes, music and the like.


As flowers brighten up a home, they will also be a focal point at your wedding, bringing colour, personality and joy to your Wedding Celebration.

Flowers will transform ordinary table settings into a magical look.  Add tea lights to flicker throughout the evening and your fairy tale is complete.  Our professional wedding florist will assist you with all your requirements from floral centrepieces, bridesmaids bouquets, buttonholes and of course the all important bridal bouquet.

Remember, whether the flower arrangements are a massively expensive collection of imported blooms or a simple vase of local flowers, there is a flower to suit all budgets.

Mafigeni can assist you with all flower requirements. Please discuss your ideas with our co-ordinator for a quote. If you wish to make use of your own florist please bear in mind that you will be held responsible for any damages they may cause to our property. Please arrange with your wedding co-ordinator for the necessary access permits your florist will need to enter the premises.

Speak to your florist to get ideas for your big day and have fun with colours and seasonal flowers to suit your wedding theme and taste.

Spring Wedding Flowers - Freshen up your palette with clean, crisp colors for your spring wedding bouquets

Summer Wedding Flowers - Summer is the perfect time for bright, bold colors in your bouquets and arrangements

Autumn Wedding Flowers - Take your cue from nature - rich, warm hues are perfect for Autumn wedding bouquets

Winter Wedding Flowers - This is the season for rich reds and berries to bring warmth into your wedding bouquet


From simple and elegant to over-the-top extravagant, there are decorations to fit every taste imaginable.

One important detail that needs to be attended to is that of wedding décor and decorations.  Our  Mafigeni Wedding Decor suppliers will assist you with a selection of quality wedding decorations including ceremony décor, unique centrepieces, chair covers, head table décor, backdrops, ceiling canopies, candles, place card holders and more.

Mafigeni can assist you with all décor requirements. Please discuss your ideas with our co-ordinator for a quote. If you wish to make use of your own decorator please bear in mind that you will be held responsible for any damages they may cause to our property.

Please arrange with your wedding co-ordinator for the necessary access permits your decorators will need to enter the premises. Decorators may only use the fixtures provided for affixing decorations.


Don’t spend a fortune on a venue, catering, flowers and so on, and then stint on the music. Whatever other calamity occurs, good music will help to carry the event.

Often when discussing a function they have attended, the music is the first thing that guests mention.  Wedding guests are generally a mixed crowd as regards both age and musical tastes, but the wise choice of a DJ who is experienced in weddings will ensure that they are all soon on the floor and having fun. For many though, the ultimate choice is to employ the services of an experienced dance band.

When, prior to your wedding, you discuss your choice of music with the musicians, it is also a good idea to talk about the timing of the first dance, cake-cutting, throwing of the bouquet and garter, and so on. Should you have a special request for your first dance together as a married couple, check with the band or disc jockey at the time of hiring them whether they know the piece of music you have in mind.

What to ask the musicians:

  • How many hours  they will play for and whether they are prepared to extend their hours if required?
  • What will their overtime rate (usually after midnight) be?
  • How many and how long will their breaks be and will they play recorded music during these breaks?
  • Do they have a list or examples of the type of music they will play?
  • What will they wear?
  • Are they familiar with the venue you are planning to use?
  • How many electrical points do they need?
  • Do they require a table or any other equipment?

Baby Sitter:

Give your wedding guests a hand with their childcare needs for your big event!  Hiring a wedding nanny may allow some close friends and relatives to attend your wedding who would have been unable to otherwise.

It is likely that quite of few of your guests will have children that will also be attending the wedding.  To help your guests enjoy the wedding and function, we recommend hiring a wedding babysitter to help look after the children attending the wedding.

Mafigeni is a family friendly venue and children are always welcome. Speak to your wedding co-ordinator about hiring and arranging a babysitter at a small additional cost for all the children at your wedding.

We can also arrange a special kiddies menu, as well as Kiddies DVD, pony rides and jumping castle.

Activities for Guests:

Planning some Wedding Activities are a great way to keep your guests amused and entertained while waiting for the reception to actually begin;  thus it requires a precision and sensitivity in implementation.

There is no requirement that brides entertain their guests at all. After all, they have already attended your wedding ceremony (which was surely engaging and entertaining, right?) and they will soon get music, food and drink. What more could they want? It turns out, a lot. While the bride and groom are off having pictures taken, the guests are left to their own devices, chatting with other guests and wondering when the buffet will open.

In that light, it's worth at least considering some pre-reception options for keeping wedding guests entertained until the reception begins. Here are a few options, some tradition, some not so, but still fun.

First, you can do the traditional thing and provide guests with drinks and perhaps some light snacks. If the wedding is in the summertime, how about providing lemonade and iced tea? Or if it's the winter, coffee and hot tea or even hot cocoa depending on the style of your wedding.  Providing a light snack isn't a bad idea, either, and that can be some appetizer-type food or just nuts, especially if the meal will be heavy.
Some other options for entertaining your restless crowd before the festivities begin are to include them in the reception before it begins. This is a great time to ask people to sign the guest book and write something meaningful, since they will have more time than they would usually have as they file into the reception hall.

If the reception and the wedding ceremony take place in the same location, but the bride and groom are off having pictures taken, it may not seem as if there's this dilemma of how to keep the guests entertained, but there in fact, is.  In this case, you can have servers circulate with appetizer trays or you can do something more elaborate, such as traditional dancers or musicians.

In addition to the wedding ceremony we can offer you and your guest a variety of safari activities to ensure unforgettable memories. Now, if you want to stray from tradition, there are many options.  Some brides opt for entertaining the guests in the truest sense of the word. During the lull before the reception, guests can be given a tour of the property or enjoy a guided game drive.  How about live music or traditional dancers?
Prior or post the wedding, guests may enjoy unique game drive experiences and interact with buffalo, rhino and giraffe, join our stable master for game viewing on horseback, arrange for an on-site spa experience or simply relaxing around the swimming pool.
For the more adventurous, we can arrange for elephant back safari, walk with lions, zip sliding, river rafting, to name a few, that are all within an hour’s drive of Mafigeni.